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Time savings, maximum quality and absolute flexibility in dental technology!

As a dental laboratory, how do you best keep pace with current market trends — i.e. operate quickly and cost-effectively — without compromising on quality? The answer is: using the laser-melting process. Thanks to its host of benefits, the technology represents an excellent alternative to casting and milling technology.


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The finished product: secondary construction manufactured by laser melting

Using CAD data to produce impeccable crowns via precision laser from high-quality metal powders — with significant time and cost savings compared to casting processes. Just one of the many examples of the benefits of the laser-melting process or LaserCusings® — benefits that you, as dental technicians or dentists, in particular can reap. 

While in the past, you've had to manufacture custom pieces for your customers or patients individually and by hand, you can now realize huge time-savings thanks to our technology. For comparison purposes: The casting process for a dental unit involves ten steps and takes around 46 minutes on average; with laser melting, just four steps are involved. The finished product is ready in just 21 minutes! At the same time, it is possible to manufacture several hundred individual products — from small implants, crowns or caps through to complex bridges — to a high degree of standardization. 

In other words, your workload becomes significantly lighter, you have more time to get on with the essentials — and on top of that, you also reap the benefits of cost savings. There's (virtually) nothing else you need to do, just send us your CAD data. Your order is usually complete within 24 to 48 hours — it's as easy as that.

"Top quality by dental technicians for dental technicians"

Maik Olbrych, Commercial Managing Director, Petersen Dental GmbH & Co. KG

Enhanced Material Properties, Convenient Processing

Figure: Post-processing of a laser-melted cast model construction
Less post-processing is required thanks to excellent surface quality and favorable polishing properties.

We come from the world of dental technology, so we know that, in addition to efficiency, quality really is the deciding factor. At Laser Add Center, we do not compromise in this respect. In this field too, the laser-melting process stands head and shoulders above other manufacturing methods. The reason is that the high temperatures have a positive impact on the material properties and ensure a cavity-free and oxide layer-free end product of virtually absolute density. Prostheses, bridges, internal telescopes etc. can therefore withstand higher loads, are more wear resistant, corrosion resistant, and durable.



Figure: laser-melted, ceramic-veneer crown construction in post-processing
No risk of ceramic flaking thanks to excellent surface quality and very good compound properties

Thanks to our own specially developed post-processing method, individual workpieces also have an enhanced surface quality. You benefit, as the subsequent ceramic veneer process is much more straightforward as a result. The materials we use provide yet another advantage: The certified cobalt-chromium-tungsten alloy (CoCrW) Remanium Star CL has been clinically proven numerous times, as has the titanium alloy RemaTitan CL.

But we don't leave it at that. We are already working on manufacturing tertiary constructions, rubber work and implant constructions by LaserCusing® in future too. The method allows virtually any geometry — and we want to realize this geometry for the challenges you face in your practice.


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