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In today's world, speed is of the essence: Rapid manufacturing, rapid tooling and rapid prototyping are on everyone's lips and reflect the time and cost pressures of the modern age. To keep abreast, we use superior technology and optimum efficiency. Sharpen your competitive edge with laser melting!


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Benefit From Our Versatility

Prototypes, individual pieces or series production — with laser melting or LaserCusing®, we offer you tangible benefits. In terms of cost savings, time saved and geometric feasibility, laser melting is far superior to traditional casting processes. We manufacture tailor-made parts from virtually any weldable, metallic material in line with your specifications and using 3D CAD models. From delicate modules through to components 250x250x300 mm in size — we deliver high-quality, high-precision parts that withstand high mechanical stresses, in a short turnaround time. The laser-melting process allows complicated structures and geometries to be created — while at the same time having very low material consumption and no tool wear.

Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Manufacturing: Quick, Customized, High Quality

Laser melting is opening up a wealth of new opportunities when it comes to the manufacture of samples, prototypes, or individual items. Traditional, intrinsic procedures make individual items very expensive, since individual molds or tools need to be produced for each item. Therefore, certain volumes of produced goods are always needed in order to efficiently cover costs. In contrast, series production with minimum quantities is possible thanks to laser melting. And you do not incur any additional costs. On the contrary, you actually reduce costs even more the lower the quantity or more complex the geometry. Since we do not need to develop tools in advance, we can provide you with customized, one-off items, pre-series products, prototypes, and tools in a short turnaround time.

Geometric Freedom and Endless Possibilities

Do you need workpieces with complex structures that casting procedures or even milling processes struggle to produce? Not a problem! Tool-less manufacturing and the layer-by-layer structure used in laser melting permits virtually limitless geometric freedom. Thanks to our precision laser, complicated lattice or honeycomb structures, close-contour cooling ducts in tooling inserts, as well as thin-walled or porous components are quick to manufacture and to a high standard of quality. Parts produced by us made from materials such as titanium or stainless steel have almost absolute density, are warpage free and have a longer service life than conventionally manufactured parts.

Benefit from our skills and experience: Our expertise covers a wide range of metallic materials and we would be happy to advise you. We're always looking for innovative solutions to realize your designs quickly and accurately. The benefits of laser melting when it comes to time, cost, and geometry can be applied across a wide variety of disciplines: We deliver components for aerospace engineering, automotive technology and mechanical engineering, mold inserts for injection molding and die casting, jewelry, in which creativity knows no bounds, and much more. 

From prototype through to series components — we will help you turn your vision into reality.


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