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Laser Melting to meet stringent demands in medical technology

The requirements in the medical technology field are particularly stringent. Implants not only need to be safe, high quality, and compatible; the ideal scenario is that they are also cost-effective and available quickly. Thanks to laser melting, we are currently experiencing a radical shift in technology that makes all this possible.


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Biocompatible Implants: Quick, Tailor-Made, Heavy-Duty

Our precision laser allows us to build tailor-made implants layer by layer in the minimum amount of time — these implants raise the benchmark in terms of biocompatibility and quality. All we need from you is a CAD data set, which you can easily upload to our website. Laser melting or LaserCusing® offer significant advantages: Thanks to tool-less production with no casts, we can produce customized parts quickly and cost-effectively. We often deliver the finished parts as soon as 24 hours after receiving the order. The laser-melting process also enables the design of highly complex structures and tailor-made production according to your specifications. Using the titanium-alloy TiAl6V4 (grade 5), cobalt-chromium or other materials, we provide you with implants and components of almost absolute density that can withstand high stresses, and which are corrosion-free and biocompatible.

Unique Compatibility and Infinite Possibilities

Figure: Laser-melted, biocompatible titanium spinal implant
Improved contact osteogenesis and stability provided by laser-melted implants.

The case for the Laser Add Center is unbeatable, particularly in highly sensitive areas such as around the spine. A keyword here is biocompatibility: We work with materials proven to be corrosion-free, anti-allergic and biocompatible. Titanium, for instance, provides extremely compatible implants that are not only heavy-duty, they're also lightweight. In contrast to other manufacturing processes, the layer-by-layer structure produced with laser melting also enables maximum design freedom and accurately manufactured delicate and complex structures. In this way, it is possible to manufacture implants the geometry and microstructure of which promote osseointegration, contact osteogenesis, or neovascularization. Through this, the risk of implant extrusion is reduced and optimum adhesion of the implant in the surrounding tissue is stimulated. The laser-melting process therefore provides the unique option of manufacturing high-quality implants tailored to individual patients quickly and cost-effectively.

The application options are virtually limitless: Wherever you need a high level of quality and complex structures, laser melting is the perfect solution — and you even save time and money! In addition to biocompatible spinal implants, we produce hip prostheses, knee replacements, ossicle replacements according to your specifications, tailor-made parts, such as cranium implants for trauma patients, but also components for medical devices, and much more. Please contact us for expert advice on materials and your objectives.


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The Laser-Melting Process.

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