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LaserCusing® means: adding layer after layer until precisely the required workpiece is achieved.

A 3D CAD data set, single-component metal powder and precision laser: During the laser-melting process, this combination produces cavity-free components of virtually absolute density in layer thicknesses of 25 to 50 microns (µm). All without the need for any tools, but with excellent material properties.


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LaserCusing®: What exactly is it?

Figure: Digital preparation of laser-melting using a CAD data set
Three-dimensional CAD data is the starting point for each new component

Let's start off by defining the term. LaserCusing® is made up of the letter C from our partner Concept Laser and the word fusing for "complete melting". And this is exactly what we do at the Laser Add Center. The process at a glance: A digital, three-dimensional data set provides the required geometry. From this, extremely fine-grained, single-component metallic powder materials, such as cobalt-chromium or titanium, are applied to a base plate in 25 to 50-micrometer (µm) layers. The new component is now melted and fused, layer by layer, down to the last micrometer using a high-performance precision laser in a special inert gas atmosphere. The finished product emerges after patented and repeatedly proven post-processing — or in their hundreds thanks to series production. And as virtually the entire value chain is digitized, we'll deliver your order back to you in part after just a day.

Focus: metallurgy of the laser-melting process

Figure: Titanium spinal implants
The result can be items such as biocompatible titanium spinal implants

From a metallurgical viewpoint, laser-melting with a high-performance laser melts the metal or alloy's lattice structure, which reforms as it cools down. Benefiting you and your requirements:

  • Enhanced material properties of the end products than with laser sintering, in which powder is sometimes only partially melted
  • Increased rigidity and toughness and fatigue limit of the finished components than with casting
  • Cavity-free product and virtually absolute density as well as warpage-free workpieces

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