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If you can weld it, you can laser melt it, too!

In principle, LaserCusing® is suitable for any metallic material that can be welded. We currently favor titanium, cobalt-chromium and stainless steel. These materials, alone, provide endless possibilities for an impressive array of industry requirements.


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Materials We Work With

In principle, there are virtually no metallic raw materials from which the Laser Add Center cannot produce components, modules, or prototypes. Precisely this flexibility is one of the technology's unbeatable benefits that you will reap when you place your trust in laser melting at LAC. We produce what you need — and all to optimum quality standards. Customers in a vast array of industries are already benefiting. Our task is to meet the most complex challenges for you, and to do so we currently specialize in cobalt-chromium, steel, and titanium. We manufacture: 

  • Semi-finished parts and end products in cobalt-chromium (CoCr) and titanium for dental technology
  • Semi-finished parts and end products in steel and light metal alloys for the most diverse functional parts
  • Semi-finished parts and end products for medical applications, motor racing, aerospace engineering
  • Die casting mold inserts for series injection and die casting tools
  • Prototype tools for injection molding and die casting
Figure: Titanium cage tezoTM to support bone growth on the vertebral body
Spinal implant: biocompatible titanium cage tezoTM
Figure: Multi-link bridge from CoCr alloy remanium® star
Dental technology: secondary design made from CoCr alloy.
Figure: Prototype of a negative for producing beer mats.
Prototype of a beer mat negative manufactured from CoCr alloy

Do you have a particular challenge? Do you want to know if a certain material is suitable for laser melting? Then, look no further than LAC — just talk to us. We look forward to hearing from you!


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