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If you can weld it, you can laser melt it, too!

In principle, LaserCusing® is suitable for any metallic material that can be welded. We currently favor titanium, cobalt-chromium and stainless steel. These materials, alone, provide endless possibilities for an impressive array of industry requirements.


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Cobalt-chromium alloys are base metal alloys that are made up of approx. 50-70% cobalt (periodic symbol Co, atomic number 27) and up to 20-30% chromium (periodic symbol Cr, atomic number 24). In addition, molybdenum, tungsten, niobium, manganese or silicon are often used in CoCr alloys. Cobalt-chromium alloys have been used in the dental sector for over 80 years.

CoCr alloys are extremely corrosion resistant and, in comparison to precious metal alloys, have lower thermal conductivity and approximately twice as high elasticity. The alloys are biologically very compatible and do not indicate any kind of local or systemic toxicity in biocompatibility tests. Cobalt-chromium alloys have gained prevalence over nickel-chromium alloys on account of widespread sensitivity to nickel. Being nickel-free is therefore a sign of good quality in CoCr alloys. Excellent strength, while also having a delicate design, makes CoCr alloys a high-quality, affordable and versatile material that is ideal for the laser-melting process.

CoCr alloys are used in a variety of applications in dental technology in particular — for instance, in crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, overlays, frames for metal ceramic veneers or cast model parts. The strength of CoCr alloys enables complex and delicate structures to be produced, such as interdental spaces or thin cervical edges. Other medical areas also benefit from prostheses provided through CoCr alloys; these prostheses are resistant to corrosion, biocompatible and light, such as artificial joints in orthopedic surgery. For parts that need to meet stringent thermal or mechanical requirements, CoCr alloys offer a wealth of industrial applications as well, be it for chemical containers or gas turbine vanes.

Since the properties of the alloy power used determine the quality and precision of the manufactured parts, it is enormously important for high-quality and certified materials to be used. At the Laser Add Center, we use materials such as remanium star CL from Dentaurum, which has been tested for years, is nickel and beryllium-free and meets all relevant standards.


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