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If you can weld it, you can laser melt it, too!

In principle, LaserCusing® is suitable for any metallic material that can be welded. We currently favor titanium, cobalt-chromium and stainless steel. These materials, alone, provide endless possibilities for an impressive array of industry requirements.


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Titanium (periodic symbol Ti, atomic number 22) was discovered in 1791 by an amateur chemist in England. It is a white-metallic lustrous material and is found primarily in North America, Australia, Scandinavia, the Urals, and Malaysia. The extremely time-consuming manufacturing process involves extracting titanium from ilmenite or rutile, which makes titanium relatively expensive.

Titanium is characterized by having a high level of resistance to corrosion, being extremely strong and weighing little and by demonstrating extremely favorable tissue compatibility. Titanium gets its resistance to corrosion from an oxide layer, which is formed on the air. When viewed against other elements, such as nickel, titanium is very well accepted by the human body. Immunological rejection or allergies are not associated with titanium, which makes it ideal for use in dental implants. This oxide layer also aids osseointegration, i.e. structure of tissue and bone connecting with the implant — and the implant can adhere securely to the bone.

Dental technology and medical technology are therefore two areas in which titanium plays a key role. Ranging from bridges, prostheses, abutments and implant supraconstructions all the way through to hip joint and knee joint prosthetics or biocompatible spinal implants — titanium can be used across a variety of different areas. Thanks to the laser-melting process, prostheses can be produced that have all the mechanical properties of natural bone in terms of geometry and microstructure, thereby also aiding osseointegration. In industry too, however, there is huge scope for potential applications: In aerospace engineering for parts that have to withstand high stresses but still need to be light, for components in motor racing (see also Made by LAC) or even in the manufacture of jewelry, glasses, and watches.

Laser Add Center uses exclusively high-quality materials, such as RemaTitan, a titanium-aluminum-vanadium alloy (TiAl6V4, grade 5) from Dentaurum.


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