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Biocompatible, titanium spinal implants and components for a lightweight and stylish gear wheel — these are just two examples of application options of state-of-the-art parts made by LAC. Laser melting provides fast and cost-effective solutions for a vast array of applications. Whether for the medical technology sector or industry — we turn your visions into reality.


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Titanium Spinal Implants

Figure: Laser-melted spinal implant, tezo-A type
Intelligent design: reliable seat thanks to anatomically customized shape

For example, LAC manufactures titanium cages from the Ulrich Medical tezo series. These are implants for "intersomatic fusion" in the area of the thoracic and lumbar spine and the sacral bone. These kinds of implants are used in the treatment of degenerative spinal disk conditions, lytic spondylolisthesis, or spinal sentosis (narrowing of vertebral canal). The tezo implants support the intervertebral space, so as to promote bone fusion of the vertebral body.

Figure: Laser-melted titanium cages
Optimum bone growth and excellent compatibility: the tezo implant series

The laser-melting process offers a host of benefits in this respect: LAC is able to fully respond to customer requirements — quickly and cost effectively. In the case of titanium cages, the intelligent design facilitates lightweight insertion, a high level of primary stability, and a reliable fit. The implants are anatomically tailored and have the optimum height for each segment.

Figure: Laser-melted spinal implant, tezo-P type
Intelligent toothing: easy to insert and excellent stability thanks to laser melting

The cages manufactured from titanium are characterized not just by their low weight, high level of resistance to corrosion, and stability; they also have an optimized surface structure. Laser-melting implants ensure a high level of biocompatibility and improved contact osteogenesis, while indicating minor tendency for bacterial colonization.

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